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Place des Arts - Shows in Montreal » salon-urbain
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The Salon urbain at Place des Arts

Salon urbain de la Place des Arts

In the day or the evening, before or after a show, the Salon urbain awaits—a versatile new space where you can meet up, right in the heart of Place des Arts and the Quartier des spectacles. Its multifunctional layout offers great flexibility for a wide variety of social events, whether or not they relate to the shows being presented in the surrounding performance halls.
Its very design represents the high point of a remarkable whole: its curved shape is inspired by the characteristic decorative elements on the exterior of Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier, just as its immense ceramic columns are reminiscent of the grandiose aspects of the performance halls.
On a black and white background, the red curtain dramatically serves to link the Salon with the performing arts and with evenings of grandeur, creating a setting, a mysterious and blurred boundary. In the daytime, the Salon’s windows let in natural light, further connecting it to the urban environment. The bar is a hymn to art, a sound wave in physical form, the key element in a mobile world; the simple, open, and functional space is furnished with reconfigurable furniture, providing the ideal backdrop for a variety of special events, from talks and cocktail parties, to launches, exhibitions, and private receptions.
The Salon urbain can be quiet, enveloping or open, elegant, modern and rooted to its surroundings—it’s destined to become a meeting place, a must-see destination that will attract a clientele all its own.
The Salon urbain is a project of the joint-venture consortium of architects Sid Lee Architecture and Aedifica. Martin Leblanc, Senior Designer.

The Salon urbain at Place des Arts